There are three requirements for scheduling a wedding at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. The first is that you intend a lifelong commitment to one another. The second, pre-marital counseling sessions with the priest that will officiate at your wedding. The third, that you attend worship at Holy Trinity regularly before the wedding.

Ceremony & Clergy
One of the priests will officiate at all weddings. Requests for substitute or assisting clergy will be discussed with the Rector. Counseling sessions with a priest and the couple should be scheduled as soon as possible. Your wedding will be scheduled on our church calendar when the completed wedding application, with reservation fee, is returned to the church. A member of the Wedding Guild will contact you well in advance of your wedding date, to help make the day a smooth and memorable one.

Music should be discussed with the church organist by appointment prior to the wedding. Please call the parish office (372-4721) to contact the organist. Only sacred music will be considered for the service.

The priest will meet with the wedding party at a rehearsal (usually the day before the wedding) to explain the wedding service. A member of Holy Trinity’s Wedding Guild will also be present.

Your volunteer from the Wedding Guild will be happy to discuss and consult with you about the appropriate and creative decorations to enhance the beauty of the wedding, without compromising the worshipful atmosphere of church.

  • Two Fresh floral arrangements may be placed on the altar. The florist should be notified to use liners for our brass vases to avoid the danger of a memorable event of the embarrassing variety.  Arrangements should not exceed 42” from the base of the liner (taller arrangements tend to fall over). No ribbons or bows should be on the altar arrangements.
  • Side vases and the narthex may be decorated with fresh flowers. Be sure that none of the decorations obscure the view of the altar from anywhere in the church.
  • Arrangements for the pews must be attached without tape or wire. (The Wedding Guild knows a few tricks!)
  • There is no need for a runner down the center aisle. It is cumbersome and unnecessary.
  • If you feel the need to have something thrown at you outdoors, you may use sterile birdseed (no rice.)

It is recommended that formal pictures of the wedding party be taken prior to the wedding service in the church. In consideration of those who clean the church after the wedding, 30 minutes will be provided for photos immediately after the service.

  • The photographer may take photos of the wedding party as they enter and leave the church, but not during the body of the service.
  • The photographer may take non-flash photos of the ceremony from the back of the church as long as his/her presence is not a distraction to any guest.
  • No more than two stationary videos cameras are permitted. Placement of the cameras is at the discretion of the Wedding Guild. The videographer is to remain stationary during the service.
  • If you are having a printed program, please include the following written request: To preserve the holiness of this event, please refrain from using flash photography.

Receptions are held in Page Parish Hall. Arrangements to use the hall and/or kitchen must be made through the Parish Administrator. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises, except wine. If you plan to provide refreshments for your wedding party, ask your Wedding Guild consultant for more information. Separate fees and regulations will apply and may be discussed with the Parish Administrator.