grandaughter-3Baptism Dates for Program year 2013-2014

  • November 3, 2013
  • January 12, 2014
  • April 19, 2014
  • June 8, 2014

Procedure For The Baptism Of Children At Holy Trinity

Church Attendance
Holy Baptism is initiation into the full life of the Christian Church. Baptism should only be sought, therefore, when there is a serious intention on the part of all responsible parties to be consistently involved in the life of the church. It is expected that parents will be participating in worship on a regular basis before a baptism is scheduled.

Baptism Dates
Baptisms are normally held at regularly scheduled worship services within the context of Holy Eucharist.  Private baptisms are not generally allowed, except for significant pastoral cause.

Parents who are interested in baptism for a child should fill out a baptism application and schedule a meeting with the Rector.

Selection of Godparents
Godparents should be chosen for their grasp of the Christian faith and their value as living role models of it. They should participate regularly with a Christian congregation for their own spiritual growth. Godparents should be willing to enter into a long-term relationship with the child; thus, it is advisable to choose people whom your child will have an opportunity to know well during the course of his or her life.

Godparents may be family members or friends. Each child should have at least two godparents, but not more than four. It is recommended that godparents be equally divided between males and females or, if there are three godparents, that two of them be of the same gender as the child to be baptized. You should select Godparents before the date of the presentation and instructional series so they may, if possible, participate in them.


Parents and, to the extent possible, godparents, will participate in clergy-led instruction classes on topics including (1) the history and meaning of Holy Baptism, (2) the spiritual responsibilities of parents and godparents, and (3) Christian parenting. These classes are mandatory for parents; if a class must be missed, the clergy should be notified in advance and a separate meeting with the clergy must be scheduled for a make-up class. The baptism classes are announced prior to each baptism date listed above.


On the Sunday of the baptism the parents and all godparents will meet with the clergy before the service to review the details of the service. A member of our Guild of the Christ Child will be present to host and assist the family.

Baptism of children not associated with Holy Trinity
We will be happy to baptize children whose parents are not active members of Holy Trinity upon the request of the Rector or Minister of the parish in which the family is an active member. It is expected that parents will receive baptism instruction at their home church and that the minister of that church will certify to the clergy of Holy Trinity that such instruction has been completed and that the parents are actively participating in church life.

There are no fees associated with the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, nor is it expected that parents will provide an honoraria to clergy.

Guild of the Christ Child
A program for expectant families. A small group provides special, daily prayer for the unborn child and the family, then rejoices in the birth. Participation may be from birth, through baptism, into Nursery or Church School. Contact Meg The Losen (246-3472).