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HT InteriorWelcome! We are glad you are interested in Holy Trinity Church! Please enjoy our website and visit us in person for worship and education on Sundays and for other activities during the week.  Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone if we can help you in any way.

Becoming a Church Member

Belief and Practice
The Episcopal Church has been called “the bridge church,” for we honor our Protestant and Catholic heritage, as well as contemporary thought.  There are three guides or sources of authority for our faith:

  • Scripture refers to the Holy Bible, which infuses our study, worship, and corporate life;
  • Reason refers to our God-given ability to use our minds and to grow in understanding of God’s world and God’s ways; and
  • Tradition refers to how others in the past have experienced God and celebrated their life together.

In addition to the Bible, our basic theological document is the Book of Common Prayer, which has formed Anglican thought and practice in its several editions since 1549.  We are deeply sacramental, believing that Baptism of children or adults is the door into the church, that the Holy Eucharist is the central act of worship, and that other sacramental actions mediate the grace of God in our lives.


Activities and worship at Holy Trinity Church are open to everyone, regardless of formal membership.  If you would like to be placed on the parish mailing list, simply contact Mary Hitchner in the parish office.  The monthly newsletter includes news of parish activities and programs.  Church members will also receive The Diocesan, a monthly publication of the diocese of Florida, delivered without charge.

If you have been baptized and/or confirmed in the Episcopal church, or if you have been baptized in another denomination, you may become a member of this parish by asking the church office to write to your former congregation requesting a letter of transfer.

If you have not received baptism in a recognized Christian Church, you become a member of this parish by baptism.

Those who have not been confirmed are encouraged to consider this Sacramental Rite, which involves a renewal of vows made at baptism, special prayers, and a laying on of hands by the Bishop. The Episcopal Church recognizes confirmation by a Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, or the Orthodox Church.  Those who have already received confirmation in one of these churches are welcomed by our bishop through a rite of reception.  Those seeking confirmation or reception are encouraged to attend an Inquirer’s Class.

Fill out a Newcomer Information Form On-line or click on the link below to open a PDF printable form that can be mailed, Faxed, or delivered to the Holy Trinity office.

Printable Newcomer Information Form (PDF)

A PDF reader is required to access this form. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat you can download it for free.