Adult Education Program

For the 2013 – 2014 Education Brochure, click here


The Rev. Jeremy’s Book Class
Led by The Rev. Jeremy Hole in the Library
Sunday, 9:15 a.m.

This class determines the books they will read and discuss. Books do not have to be purchased or read to participate in the class. Newcomers are always welcome.

Adult Confirmation, Reception, and Inquirer’s Class
Led by The Rev. Louanne Loch in Stringfellow Chapel
Sunday, 9:15 a.m.

These six classes are designed for those baptized adults seeking full membership in the Episcopal Church, as well as those who want to know more about the Episcopal Church. Confirmation is for those who have been baptized in any Christian denomination but who have not been confirmed by a bishop in the Episcopal, Roman Catholic, or Lutheran Church.  For those who have been confirmed in the Lutheran or Roman Catholic Church, the process of being welcomed into the Episcopal Church is known as Reception, where the Bishop receives them into our church. Those who are inquiring as to whether they want to join the Episcopal church, or those who may want to know more about the church or who would like a refresher course, are also invited to attend.  ALL are welcome.

Lectionary Discussion Group
Led by Lanier Harper-Dickson in the Conference Room
Sunday, 9:15 a.m.

The Lectionary Discussion Group meets on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. It provides members of the Holy Trinity community with an exciting opportunity to read, question, and discuss the day’s Scriptural passages together. As we engage with the words on the page, we learn and grow from the encounter. Each person has the opportunity to cultivate “an inquiring and discerning heart” (BCP p. 308). As we seek together a deepened understanding, we open ourselves to be enlightened, inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Copies of the Lectionary readings will be provided. Study Bibles are also available for us in Room 124. Please join us!

The Rector’s Bible Study
Bible Study led by The Rev. Louanne Loch or The Rev. Jeremy Hole
Wednesday, 11:00 a.m.

The Rector’s Bible Study meets at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, beginning in September. Our first few months will focus on first and second Samuel. All are welcome to come to one or all of the sessions, as each is self-contained.  Dress is casual, and please bring a guest!

Education for Ministry (EfM)
Led by Jean Reid in the Library
Monday, 7 p.m.

EFM meets weekly on Monday evenings for about 3 hours at a time for 36 weeks.  It is a four year curriculum covering Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and Theology; however, you only need to commit to a year at a time.  The curriculum involves reading, discussion and theological reflection. Contact Jean Reid if interested (372-0046).


Family Service
First Sunday of the month at 10:30 in Page Parish Hall

This alternate service, with Eucharist, is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to worship together in a relaxed atmosphere.  Children of all ages are welcome to join their parents in the Parish Hall and pray together, sing together, feast together and offer up their thanks and blessings.  This year’s services will continue to offer strong roles for the children and lots of great surprises!  Family Fellowship follows each service, with a chance to get to know the members of your church family who are walking the same walk “right where you are!”

Brotherhood of St. Andrew
First Wednesday of the month in the Lillycrop Room

This international men’s organization has been active in promoting fellowship, service, and worship for men since the 1800’s.  Holy Trinity became the 7th church in Florida to have a Chapter of the Brotherhood. Many projects will be considered for the Brotherhood to be involved in. Meetings feature devotion, fellowship, and service to the Church and Gainesville.  Annually, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew hosts the well attended and enjoyable Oktoberfest, and those interested in helping put this great event together can simply find out more by attending the monthly meetings as they are able.  For more information, please contact Rick Winkler, President.



Spiritual Retreats at Camp Weed

Camp Weed is our Diocesan camp located outside of Live Oak an hour north of Gainesville.  During the Summer it provides the children and youth of our Diocese with an excellent Christian camp experience.  During the remainder of the year it hosts spiritual retreat weekends for children, youth and adults.  Please see your Youth Leaders for information on Breakout, Be the Church, Megamorphosis, Happening, and other youth events.

Cursillo is a three day retreat which brings together a diverse group to share the richness of worship and broaden one’s appreciation for our Church. Lay people conduct the weekend with two or three clergy members functioning as spiritual advisors. Cursillo strives to enrich and deepen your faith and to foster ministry among lay people.  For more information you can visit the national website (  and to learn about Cursillo in this area, please contact the parish office.

Adult Spiritual Formation
Charged with enriching the spiritual life of our parish and developing programs that help members experience joyful relationships with God and the church community.  This committee is focused primarily on supporting prayer activities outside of the regular Sunday worship services.  This includes providing resources for developing personal prayer practices as well as providing opportunities for gathering as a prayer community.

For more information, please contact the parish office (352.372.4721).