louanne-staff-edit The Reverend Louanne Loch, Rector The Rev. Louanne Loch was born in Charleston, SC, and was raised in Mississippi. She received her M.Div. from the Virginia Theological Seminary from the Diocese of Mississippi. The Rev. Loch served on the Standing Committee in the Dioceses of Maryland as well as the Ecclesiastical Court, the Committee for Jewish-Christian Relations, and other committees. In the Diocese of East Carolina, she  served on the Standing Committee, Finance Committee, and the Reconciliation Committee from 2003-2005, as well as other committees in the church.

In December of 2007, Rev. Loch accepted her 3rd call as rector to serve at Holy Trinity in Gainesville, FL. In the Diocese of Florida, she was elected to the Diocesan Executive Committee, chaired the Convention Nominating Committee, and currently serves on the Board of Examining Chaplains and the Diocesan Finance Committee. The Rev. Loch is also Vice President Elect of the board of the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Churches. She co-founded the Alatchua County Committee on Interfaith Relations, where she served as co-president and is still an active member.
jeremy The Reverend Jeremy G. Hole, Associate Priest
johnlowe Dr. John T. Lowe Jr., Director of Music and Organist
louanne Kristen Bryant, Director of Children and Youth Ministries
Mary Hitchner Mary Hitchner, Parish Administrator
 Sarah Larsen, Bookkeeper
Merle Hitchner Merle Hitchner, Sexton
Troy Bryant, Sexton
Jane Mitchell, Librarian